FMR Wellness Foundation is Here!

25 years ago I entered the world of nutrition education with the innate understanding that to help people make changes they, as well as I needed the support of other medical providers, which included physicians of varying specialties and psychologists and physical therapists and other fitness professionals.  Over the years I have created a network of these providers that not only have the knowledge and empathy to assist us, but also the understanding that nutrition plays a role along with these specialities in preventing and treating various diagnoses as well as preparing for surgeries to heal as quickly as possible.

Pilates entered my personal and professional world 15 years ago and continues to align my body while strengthening and stretching my muscles, stabilizing my joints and allowing me to feel energized after a 50 minute workout.  I feel focused while I do Pilates and focused while I teach Pilates.  Pilates helps many of us get out of pain due to various reasons such as an overuse injury, complements another sport such as golf, tennis, swimming and running and enables us to feel stronger every day by gaining muscle.  Sharing all of this with my clients is my pleasure.

Fast forward to here and now.  Now it’s my turn to give back to the community that believed in and supported me all these years as their Dietitian and Pilates instructor and to the providers that believe in and are open to learning how nutrition and Pilates are key players in health and wellness.  FMR Wellness Foundation is about finding the way to give back to the community that has given me so much joy and fulfillment as your Registered Dietitian and Pilates instructor.  As you you discover what FMR Wellness Foundation has to offer  my ask is for you to think of what else you may need.   I am always open to ideas so please simply ask.  As I have learned over the past two years, “ask, ask, ask, give, give, give.”   We are a team in this together.

Yours in good health,