FMR Wellness Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to improve the standards of excellence of Medical Nutrition Therapy through clinical research, physician and patient education, and community outreach programs.

Evidence shows that healthful nutrition is a controllable risk factor in preventing and managing certain diseases and assists in recovery after surgeries. Your donations provide local community members with financial barriers access to evidence-based nutrition education in various ways. Our Registered Dietitians work with patients privately in our local office. We also assist medical facilities by providing them with evidence-based nutrition education tools for their patients.  




Pilates is a system of exercises that helps to align, strengthen, stretch and stabilize the body while using certain types of machines called Pilates apparatus. Pilates, along with nutrition, can help manage disease, promote healing, and is an effective tool for injury prevention. A portion of the proceeds from our private Pilates services goes directly towards our community based nutrition programs.



Private Pilates Means Something

We are never really sure why Labor Day Weekend feels like the beginning of something new.  And with each slight...
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FMR Wellness Foundation is Here!

25 years ago I entered the world of nutrition education with the innate understanding that to help people make changes...
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